Treasure Hunts

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HalloweenTreasure Hunt (added October 2010)
Camping scavenger hunt (added May 2010)
Christmas Treasure Hunt (TH4 added Dec 2009)
Picture Treasure Hunt for non readers (TH3 added Nov 2009)
Treasure hunt 2 (TH2 printed in Winter 2009 guide)
Magpie Hunt also called scavenger hunts (MH1 added April 2008)
Treasure hunt 1 (TH1 printed in Summer 2008 guide)


If you have ever made up a simple treasure hunt for your child you will know how much enjoyment they get from a simple challenge – if you have not, watch out, they will be crying out for more. Treasure hunts are fantastic and involve lots of educational skills. They encourage reading; you can incorporate maths skills into the clues; if a group are playing together, team skills and sharing are necessary. The thrill you will see expressed on their faces as they discover each clue will amaze you. We are sure they will enjoy the treasure hunts below, and hope it inspires you to create some for yourself.


• Print out the treasure hunt pdf
• Cut up the clues where indicated and fold
• If you wish you could place some ‘treasure’ with the final clue: biscuit; chocolate coins are good; stickers
• Depending on the age of the child, you may need to simplify some of the clues
• Decide where you want to place the first clue
• Read the rules to the children


• Take your time, there is no rush
• If a group: Take turns reading and wait for everyone, say your suggestion, don’t run ahead
• Tell them what they may need eg a ruler
• Tell the children the first clue and have fun! If they enjoyed this let us know.

Magpie Hunts - a treasure hunt with a twist

Some call them scavenger hunts but we call them magpie hunts – named such because a Magpie is a bird who compulsively collects small objects. It is a form of treasure hunt that requires less setting up by an adult (although may need more tidying up afterwards putting things away). Give the list to your child and it will keep them occupied for a little while. You can make your own and make it as easy or complicated as you like – depending on how much time you have to fill. You can send younger ones off with a basket to collect things in or teenagers off with a digital camera to take pictures of their objects! Print a Magpie hunt from the list below.

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