Printable Promise Cheques

Kids love those promise cheques book you can buy. They love filling them in, signing their name and giving them to their friends and loved ones. Only problem is they cost of fortune. Well, we have made up some of our own ones that won't break the bank or empty the printer cartridge (simply designed with no over use of colour!)

Just print, cut out and staple. (Parents, if you are feeling really generous, print on light card, cut off the front and back cover, use a sewing machine with no thread to produce perforations along the dotted line, seperate the cheques and assemble the book!)

Each is 3 pages of A4 and will make 10 cheques

Cheques for Mum on Mothers Day (March 2011)

Cheques for Dad on Fathers Day (June 2010)
A great simple thoughtful (and free) gift for Dad on Fathers Day

Cheques to give to your friends (June 2010)