Recommended children's Website Summer 2009

If you haven’t heard of check it out. It is an educational site dedicated to encourage young people in Ireland to appreciate the environmental and scientific importance of conserving and preserving the planet's water habitats and resources. It has a mixture of videos to watch, web pages and then quizzes to see if they have taken it all in.

The National Concert Hall has a new website aimed at children. You can learn about the orchestra, traditional music and play musical games where you have to guess which instrument is playing and in turn create the whole orchestra. Another musical site for budding musicians in your house is From here you can print out music sheets. A whole variety is available from standard treble and bass clef staves to Guitar TABs. is the kids site from NASA. A few neat little games to get those brain cells thinking. A whole range of difficulty levels so suitable for children of all ages.

From Discovery kids comes they describe themselves as ‘the yuckiest site on the internet’. Worms, slime, gross stuff – it’s all here.

The official web site of Roald Dahl is In the treats section fly James’s peach or create a perfect potion in the Wonkalator. A great resource for any fan of these wonderful timeless books.

This site is a useful reference site. Can you remember what a group of lions is called or the name given to a baby koala? This site lists all you need to know on that front By the way it’s a pride of lions and a baby koala is a joey.

And finally imagine how great it would be if you type with more than two fingers? Help your children get a head start by encouraging them to use the right fingers on the right keys. This site from the resourceful BBC website is like a game to them but will help them learn the correct typing methods.

First published 4kids Summer 2009