Recommended Children's Website Summer 2008

Love it or hate it the internet is here to stay. Broadband is slowly edging its way into our towns. Radio Broadband is on the increase making it available in even some smaller villages. The internet is not all bad – in fact there are some sites which are very good and can help your child develop those all important computer skills. Here are our top three recommended sites for children.

A fantastic site for toddlers to get started and develop their skills is Some of the activities do not need clicking with the mouse, they only need to move the mouse around. There are no instructions but it will not take long for the little ones to work it out and remember where their favourite bits are.

The BBC has a vast web site. It has a well thought out education section It has revision topics for exam age children but bear in mind this will be catering for the UK syllabuses and these may differ from here. Also, the CBeebies site is full of lots of activities for the younger children. My Secret Garden is a particular favourite of my 3 year old – find it in the alphabetical listing.

Have your children ever read any of the Charlie and Lola books? These are great books about a young girl who has the sweetest big brother. They get up to all sorts of adventures and the website compliments the books really well. The website is aimed at children up to the age of 13 and has lots of fun and games to enjoy. In the ‘fun stuff’ section the Music Game encourages keyboard use and the Flip Flop game is very amusing!

If you have more than one child a great way of sharing the computer is to use a kitchen timer. When the first one starts, set the timer for, say, 10 minutes. When it beeps they need to swap, and the other one has their 10 minute turn. Give it a go and see what happens.

First published 4kids Summer 2008