Rediscover your Local Library

Libraries are fantastic places and a great education for children. It’s not just a place to borrow a book, there are vast reference sections, book related events and children’s activities. You can borrow audio CD’s and tapes which are great to entertain a child and can help with reading when used in conjunction with a book. Also, many of the larger branches have computers for use and internet connections.

All county and city councils provide library services. The services within the library are free for all to use. Check with your local council as to rates for joining and loaning items for adults, but all councils provide FREE services for child members.

To join simply call into your local Library branch with your child, taking proof of address (usually in the form of a utility bill), and fill in a registration form. You may then choose a number of items and have your child entertained at home for free!

Each council vary the number of items that you may borrow (between 3 and 6 items) and for the length of time you may have them (2 to 4 weeks). If items are returned late there is usually a fine to pay.

While on holiday, call into a different library, and discover what they have to offer. You will not be able to borrow the items but you can stay a while and read with your child or browse their resources. Councils do vary and some are better than others. It’s a rainy day, free activity.

Libraries run events and activities all through the year. Children’s Book Festival is a nationwide celebration of children’s books, run during the month of October - check with your council or library for local events.

First published 4kids Summer 2008