Olympics Beijing 2008

When planning your summer this year, remember that for two weeks in August (8th to 24th) we will have, that four yearly event, the Olympics. It is a time when many people, who have no general interest in sports, spend time glued to their televisions watching sports they have never heard of! There is something special about the Olympics which does make you feel part of the human population. Unfortunately because of the time difference this year (GMT +8 hours) any events held in the morning will be while we are tucked up in bed!

The host city this time is Beijing and as always they are pulling out as many wow factors as possible to entertain viewers from around the world. Their specially constructed National Aquatics Center, called The Water Cube, is an amazing cube building designed to look like it is full of bubbles, which comes to life when illuminated at night time.

In the history of the Olympic Games Ireland has won 20 medals (8 Gold, 6 Silver, 6 Bronze), but what are our chances this year? At the time of going to press not all qualification have taken place but Ireland has secured at least one entry, Ciara Pello who will be competing for Ireland in the Olympic Regatta in the Laser Radial Class.

Some Olympic facts and figures for Beijing 2008:

  • Number of sports is 28
  • Number of events is 302
  • Gold medals to be awarded is 302
  • Athletes competing is 10,708
  • Competition venues in Beijing is 31
  • Competition venues outside Beijing is 6
  • Accredited written press and photographers is 5,600
  • Olympic volunteers is 70,000

We can enjoy these games from afar, and look forward to 2012 when they will be a lot closer to home, and some of us may be fortunate enough to travel to London and other venues to experience an Olympic event.

First published 4kids Summer 2008